Babbini is not only the supplier of a machine, but also a reliable partner the customer can always count on. Indeed it always assures a constant and qualified support to the customer, starting from the submission of a customer-tailored offer based on its requirements, up to maintenance and repair.

Babbini’s assistance strenghts:

  • Availability of a service team 24h/day during the sugar campaign able to leave for urgent on-site interventions within the 24/36 hours following the customer’s request;
  • All presses are preassembled and tested inside our workshop to eliminate problems and to make the installation at the customer’s site as easier as possible;
  • Erections and start-ups of the presses are carried out under the supervision of a Babbini engineer;
  • Team of engineers specialized in presses alignments, gearbox endoscopic inspections and process analysis;
  • Complete check-up of the presses;
  • Assistance of technical staff to give advices about press operation and to evaluate its results;
  • Availability of an equipment to make high quality hard facing on the top of the flights directly on the press without having to disassemble it;
  • Availability, in our warehouse, of the critical parts of the presses in our current production, in particular of the gearboxes gears, perforated plates, bearings, lubrication systems;
  • Possibility to sign assistance/maintenance contracts according to which Babbini will check all presses manufactured by Babbini or by other manufacturers during the off-season in order to assure reliability and high performance;
  • Refurbishment and rebuilding of second hand presses, which are sold covered by guarantee.

Moreover Babbini is available to the supply pressing stations complete in all their parts, including engineering and installation.